Launching YAWL control panel in Windows 10

Greeting Team,

I have been able to run the setup for YAWL 4.1 in windows 10 but when i go to programs to start the application, it doesn't run.

A command line window just pops for a few seconds and closes. Then a zipped folder with contents of the control panel folder is open and that is it. I have the latest Java update installed and apache Tomcat all set. I have used other version 4.0,3.0.1 but result is the same.

I need help in identifying what could be the problem preventing the YAWL control panel from running normally.

I kindly await your feedback.

Questions regarding the GUI of the Editor

Hello everyone,

I'm currently developing a monitoring plugin for the YAWL Editor.

I have two questions regarding the GUI of the Editor, in particular the NetGraph of a specification.

1. How do I get the NetGraph to repaint completely after doing some changes to a task? I'm able to draw an icon and set its path into the task, but changes are not visible when I use the repaint method of the NetGraph. The icon will be painted after I do some manual changes in the Editor, e.g. scroll on the Net.
So, my question is: What does the trick there?

YAWL Editor 3.0 not opening specs files

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Dear friends,

I have encountered a couple of (hopefully easy to solve/stupid mistakes) with the YAWL 3.0 Editor.

1) Editor refusing to open specification files

I saved a specs file (a simple one, which I verified when saving) and when I try to open it (clicking File -> Open..., or File -> Open Recent or even dragging and dropping it from Windows file explorer) the Editor just does nothing at all, and does not throw any error messages either.