Using the Digital Signature Service

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Hello everyone,

I am having issues getting the Digital Signature Service to run. I am trying to recreate the Example given in the YAWL User Manual but my task “Sign_Document” fails every time. The Service redirects me to the correct custom form but after uploading my Certificate and Keystore and trying to complete the Task I get the following Error.

Do you have any clue what my error may be?

I look forward to hearing from you

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Can you please attach the specification that you have used?


Of course. You can find it below.
Thank you very much for the reply!

I've made a change that I believe will fix the issue. Please update your YAWL and retry.

The update looks promising but the "Sign_Document" task is still not completing. I get the following log. I could not include the full hashes but the two Strings are identical so it seems to work so far.