Problem creating a flow on Mac / installation problem

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Hi, I am discovering the tool and I guess my question is trivial but I am stuck.

1/ There seem to be an error is the created by the installer, it quotes incorrectly the path variable resulting in a problem with the folder /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/ as the variable should be quoted at use for properly taking care of the space in the directory name.

2/ I have been able to follow the example in the manual but I am stuck at creating the flows (arrows linking blocks). The manual says that a cross shall appear when moving the mouse over the start object or any object allowing to click it and drag it to the next block but nothing appears. I am stuck with no way to connect things together.

Is there a special configuration of the mouse parameters in the preferences?

The version is 4.1 build 738



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In order to connect elements in the YAWL editor you have to set it into the right mode under "Palette" (also see attached screenshot). If the rightmost element for grouping is selected it will not work. One of the five other ones must be selected. 

Please let me know if this solves your problem.