Installing control panel in a manual install on a virtual machine in Azure

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I have done a manual install of YAWL 4.2 on a virtual server running Ubuntu Server 16.04 on Azure.

I installed according to the directions on the 4.1 manual. The reason for doing the manual install is that I want a multi user setup. If I understand correctly, the only way to have multiple users in YAWL is to do a manual install...

The issue is that section 2.4.3 Installing services does not cover the Control Panal installation.

How do I get and invoke the control panel is such a setup or have I misunderstood something?

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YAWL comes packaged in two flavours:

  1. YAWL (formerly called YAWL4Study)
  2. YAWL Enterprise

The main differences are:

  • 1 comes with an automatic installer - 2 contains packages that can be installed on a Tomcat server or similar.
  • 1 has the control panel that allows for incremental updates of patches - 2 is released in complete packages and has no control panel.
  • 1 is preconfigured with a file-based H2 DBMS - 2 is preconfigured to run with a PostgreSQL DMBS.

You can use both systems for a multi-user environment. In both cases you will need to adapt certain URLs in the configuration files in order to avoid that links point to "localhost" when invoked from a client IP. So unless you plan to run YAWL on an existing Tomcat server or you have special database requirements, you can use 1. The control panel even has a command line interface if you are installing on a server without GUI.