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Hello, Sir..

I am a beginner user ini yawl.
I had a problem, when i insert cost in yawl through secondary resource, but when i download the log, i get different results xes file.

I want xes file likes repairExample file..

I try to change manually but, it does not working..


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Can you please upload the XES log and the YAWL specification?

What would you expect to be in the XES log?

This is i want sir, file xes with float data type tag and property cost:type, value..
and string tag with cost:currency, value..

I try to working in "worklet mgt" but does not working automatically with, property cost:type and cost:currency value..


To get cost annotations and values into an XES log, you need to do the following:
1. Ensure you have the 'Cost Service' installed
2. Create a cost model (xml file), using the xsd definitions found in the serivce's 'xsd' directory (also attached here). See the example here:
3. Upload the cost model to the cost service using the ModelUploader utility (attached).
4. Execute one or more instances of the process specification referred to by the cost model.
5. Use the ModelUploader utility to download the annotated log.

You can run the utility without arguments (java -jar ModelUploader.jar) to get a help message.

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Thank you for pointing this out! I think it would be useful to reference this topic in the YAWL User Manual.