Completing a Task

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Today my concern is about an unexpected and inexplicable behaviour by my application. I have a simple task with login functions, when I submit username and password nothing happens. The task remain unchanged, I would like it to complete so it can go to the next task. I wrote a really simple jsp, using examples. I also looked for anomalies checking the examples and in the editor. Code attached


The code in your jsp (copied 'as-is' from the custom form example) doesn't reference the html you've inserted.

For example, the custom form example code references a parameter named 'input' which is defined in its html to be the name of an INPUT element. The names of your html INPUT elements are 'username' and 'password', and they are never referenced in your code.

Please carefully read the comments provided in the custom form example supplied with YAWL to assist you in understanding exactly how to set up your jsp.