Accessing task variables in custom form code

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I'm developing a custom form for a task. I have the JSP file containing the html code and the java code. I need to manipulate task variables with Java. The only useful guide I found is "Custom form for beginners", but it's not very clear about the entire process ( I just understood I need to manipulate the "itemXML" file). Plus, it puts together reading and updating the task variables, becoming confusing. How can I access task variables using Java?

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I cannot directly tell you how to do it. Did you have a look at the order fulfillment custom forms? They are attached here and also available via the YAWL control centre.

Thank you, I already checked the examples but I was looking for something more detailed

See the example attached. It is heavily commented.

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Thanks Michael. I have attached a simple spec here that uses this custom form. The custom form is a file called customformexample.jsp and put in this directory:


This works well here. Does it also work for you?