Launching YAWL control panel in Windows 10

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Greeting Team,

I have been able to run the setup for YAWL 4.1 in windows 10 but when i go to programs to start the application, it doesn't run.

A command line window just pops for a few seconds and closes. Then a zipped folder with contents of the control panel folder is open and that is it. I have the latest Java update installed and apache Tomcat all set. I have used other version 4.0,3.0.1 but result is the same.

I need help in identifying what could be the problem preventing the YAWL control panel from running normally.

I kindly await your feedback.


This is most likely a file permissions problem. YAWL must be installed in a folder that you have admin access to. Try reinstalling into your home folder.

YAWL editor is not working properly on Window 10.

Editor is opening but on click on task, nothing is displaying. On right click of task, it has only 3 options Cut, Copy & Delete.

I was expecting it should display all properties of that task like Task name, Update Parameter Mapping, etc.

On window 7, YAWL editor 2.1 was working properly but later I upgrade both Windows and YAWL editor version, its not working.

Any support on this is appreciated.


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The YAWL Editor version 4.2 has been completely reimplemented since version 2.1. Many functionalities have been moved from the right-mouse-click-menu to the left-hand side of the editor. You can see the differences by looking at the user manuals for the respective versions here:

Unless you have a very specific reason for using version 2.x, I would strongly suggest to use the most recent version: the editor has been improved significantly.